Aksion Graphix offers a variety of design services for the variety of specific, individual needs of our clients. We are passionate about providing professional, quality, and excellence in our work, while assisting you in marketing your business or individual needs and ideas. If you are unsure about which design services are the most beneficial to your type of business, we are available to discuss your options. Let us help you!

Graphic Designs

A visual concept that will be a representation of your company. They are available in black and white or detailed in color and are designed based on your company’s vision, consumer group, brand concept, and values. Each is custom designed from initial sketches and formatting to the finalization process, which includes the client choosing the final logo from a provided selection.

Flier Designs
One of the most popular ways to advertise and promote an upcoming event by grabbing people’s attention and getting them excited about the event. They are available as a one-sided or two-sided design. Common sizes are 4”X6” and 5”x7”, but can be designed in any size desired to accommodate your need. Including artwork and choosing the appropriate colors and theme for your flier can influence its effectiveness. Information such as event date, time, and location is usually included on a flier.

Album Covers
We design album covers and inserts in any style and every genre. Get your album noticed and remembered with a custom cover that compliments your music! Album covers range from one panel to an unlimited number of panels depending on the amount of information the artist wishes to share with listeners.

Vinyl Banners
A great way to communicate a message to your consumers, as it provides you the opportunity to go big with your message. For any type of advertisement you want to make visible to the public, such as the opening of a new business, having a sale, or announcing an event, vinyl banners are the way to go!

Poster Designs
These are printed one sided and are intended for display. They can be used for the promotion of a film or an event, in-store signage, product advertising, or to display information and directions. Posters are also great to sell as souvenirs or art displays. This type of design is beneficial any time you want to convey the same information to everyone at a specific location.

Business Cards
A popular marketing tool for your business! Their size makes it easy to keep with you at all times as a quick visual impression of your business, so you never lose an opportunity to make a valuable new contact. Give yours a customized appearance to make it distinctive and effective. Consider adding a coupon, or other promotions, to the back of your business card to captivate those new contacts as possible new customers!

Letterhead Designs
Create a strong impression in your business correspondence! Whether using for formal letters outside the company or internal memos, it is a great way to incorporate your brand identity.

Envelope Designs
A way to reinforce your company's identity and create a clean, consistent impression. These are the professional touches that show high attention to detail and help you maintain consistency to your brand.

Facebook Timeline Banners

Whether for personal or business use, your timeline banner can be personalized by adding photo images, text, or even logos for a creative, unique, and customized look.

Twitter Background Layouts
Personalizing your Twitter layout is a fantastic way to portray your individuality or advertise your company to followers. Using photo images, text, or your company logo will complete your attractive, customized layout.

Website Development

Websites are extremely beneficial as they can potentially increase your business revenue. We offer business and personal website designs, which are available from a single page to multiple pages, HTML and CSS based. We can assist you in choosing the best website design suitable for you and your business needs, whether you are interested in a new design for your business or simply looking for a different look to your current website. Make your products easily available to your consumers by selling individual items on your customized website using PayPal. We also provide domain name and hosting at a yearly rate. Additionally, we provide website maintenance at a flexible rate to accommodate your individual needs.

Splash Page Website Design
This is a one page, simple website design usually used as advertisement to promote an event, showcase information, promote an artist and music, and much more!

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